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Reaffirmation in the Remodel

Starting a new project, I always feel a sense of being overwhelmed. After all, working on a home isn't like making dinner, where if you mess up, you can just order pizza. Working on a home requires more than just having an eye for how a certain room should turn out. Rather, for me, each project I am presented with becomes my whole heart and soul combined.
A home is a sanctuary where families share love, exchange laughter, and create everlasting memories, which is why it demands to be respected and honored by anyone privileged enough to step foot inside. One project in particular that has captured my heart and commanded my soul to conjure up some of its most creative attention is the "Redell Project."
I met the Redell’s a little over 18 years ago (not to age myself) when they asked me to help them remodel a few areas of their lovely home. I was so elated to work with them because they were so easy going and genuinely good people, which made my job seem as if it was friends getting together to talk about all things design!
(Side note: ALL designers wish their clients were this trusting and relaxed about decision making)
The first project I completed for them was a success, not only because my clients were a dream, but also because the end product was a direct result of what design should, effortless, and most of all, CREATIVE. 18 years later, and here we are again, three “Redell Remodels” later! In my opinion, one of the greatest compliments a designer can receive is when his/her client chooses them time and time again to revamp their home. The greatest reward is knowing your careful curation to a home is valued and is ultimately trusted.
This family has a special place in my heart, and you better believe their home fits right in there too...Just walking through the hallways, gazing at the multitude of family pictures hanging from the walls, you can feel their warmth and adoration for one another. Although the household can get a little hectic with three teenage boys hustling to be at their various sporting events, there is a certain calm in the chaos that inspires me every time I am inside, and has continuously inspired me over the past 18 years.
This project has been such a special honor to work on because I feel as though it is a testament to my talent as well as to my character.
As a designer, you are given a skeleton of a house and throughout the creative process, it is your number one priority to produce a living, breathing body that transforms it into a home. I was utterly blessed to walk into this project with a skeleton frame that had the most beautiful beating heart inside of it. It is a project I am most proud to share with all of you, and something I hope you enjoy, because I know how much I enjoyed each and every second of designing it!

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  • Sutten Wasserman on

    Love, love, love your style! Please post more pictures:)

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