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Verellen-We're All About It!

Once upon a time...
Ok, we won't start this week's post that way, but we will be sharing a tale of craftsmanship at its finest, so grab your glass of wine, sit back and relax. 
This particular story begins with Tom and Sabine Verellen, in their hometown of Antwerp, Belgium. If any of you have had the privilege to travel to Belgium and experience all of its charming glory, then you know what a beautiful paradox it is, with its quaint traditions and modern flares. 
Belgium is naturally one of those places that piques my curiosity because of its natural affinity for the combination of traditional with modern. Tom and Sabine were so taken by this particular combo. that they decided to fashion their ever-acclaimed furniture line after it, a line by the name of Verellen. 
In order to give life to their unique ideas, Tom and Sabine hired a team of the most creative minds in the design industry, and began production in High Point, North Carolina. Each piece is carefully crafted to the client's specifications, the way it SHOULD be done. 
The frames are eight way hand-tied, made from FSC-certified lumber, with soy based cushions ready for impact at any time from anyone! (In simpler terms...the quality is fit for a god)
Completely customizable, completely comfortable, completely YOU...this is how I would adequately describe Verellen. 
You deserve to treat yourself to the very best. After taking kids to soccer, then rushing them to their piano lesson, finally arriving home only to make a dinner that pleases everyone's picky palette, YOU NEED A BREATHER. After all, your days are long, your nights are longer, might as well have supreme comfort to cushion your fall. I am so happy Verellen is always there to provide me with the necessary pauses I need in my day-to-day chaos. Stop in at A Beautiful Mess Home and see what we are raving about and how we can make Verellen a household name in your home.

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