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Patina Farm Book Signing Event!

It is my privilege and honor to announce we will be holding a book signing event this upcoming Saturday with Brooke and Steve Giannetti of Patina Farm. Brooke and Steve have been dear friends of mine for eight years now, both their passion and dedication to home design has been something that has never ceased to leave me awe-inspired.  I am so thrilled to be hosting the Patina Farm signing event this Saturday from 6-9 p.m. Join us for hors d'oeuvres and cocktails for a night of celebration with the talented minds behind Patina Farm!See you Saturday! XO Kymberley   

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Verellen-We're All About It!

Once upon a time... Ok, we won't start this week's post that way, but we will be sharing a tale of craftsmanship at its finest, so grab your glass of wine, sit back and relax.  This particular story begins with Tom and Sabine Verellen, in their hometown of Antwerp, Belgium. If any of you have had the privilege to travel to Belgium and experience all of its charming glory, then you know what a beautiful paradox it is, with its quaint traditions and modern flares.  Belgium is naturally one of those places that piques my curiosity because of its natural...

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Reaffirmation in the Remodel

Starting a new project, I always feel a sense of being overwhelmed. After all, working on a home isn't like making dinner, where if you mess up, you can just order pizza. Working on a home requires more than just having an eye for how a certain room should turn out. Rather, for me, each project I am presented with becomes my whole heart and soul combined. A home is a sanctuary where families share love, exchange laughter, and create everlasting memories, which is why it demands to be respected and honored by anyone privileged enough to step foot inside....

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